Gear hobs and milling cutters

FHUSA-TSA Hobs are produced in multi-axis CNC machines that incorporate the latest technology on profile grinding process, either under norm DIN or AGMA, as well as special designs on requirement.

By using the best powder metallurgy steels (PM HSS), an absolute process control, as well as a maximum tool life, is ensured.

Types With bore or axis, multi-starts and straight or helical flutes
Module (DP) MN 0,5 (DP 50) to MN 28 (DP 0.91)
Maximum Diameter 300 mm
Profiles Involute profiles, chain sprockets, timing belt pulley, parallel splines, timing ratchet gear, special non-involute profiles
Profile modifications Protuberance, semi-topping, topping, tip relief  and full radius
Materials HSS PM steel, MC 90
PVD Coatings TiN, Alcrona®