Shaper cutters

TSA Shaper cutters are designed under the concept of profile optimization to maximize tool life assuring dimensions of the part within required tolerances.

  • TSA shaper cutter profiles are made on 6-axis CNC machines, achieving maximum precision being able to manufacture up to DIN AAA Quality.
Types Disc, Extended Back Boss (EBB), taper and cylindrical shank, Screwed Hub Type, Special internal toothed (for external toothed) and double helical Herringbones
Módule/DP MN 0,3 (DP 84) up to MN 14 (DP 1,8)


Diameter Range 250mm
Profiles Involute profiles, chain sprockets, timing belt pulley, parallel splines, timing ratchet gear, special no involute profiles and with alternated teeth or missing/joined teeth
Profiles modifications Protuberance, semi-topping, topping, tip relief, involute crowning and full radius
Materials HSS PM steel
PVD Coatings TiN, Alcrona®