Master Gears

Over three decades, TSA has been highlighted in the manufacturing of master gears, one of the most demanding control instruments in terms of dimensional tolerances and surface finishing requirements.

TSA masters gears, manufactured under norm DIN 3970 or according to special designs, have gained recognition among customers worldwide. Each master gear is delivered along with a dimensional control report provided by the Metrology and Quality Department.

ApplicationsQuality control on rolling gear testers of external spur/helical gears
Modules (DP)Normal module from 0.5 to 14.5 (Diametral Pitch from DP48 to DP1.75)
ProfilesStandard involute, involute modifications
Tool sizeMax. width 100mm, min. external diameter 30mm, max. external diameter 300mm
MaterialsAISI O1 and SAE 8620 steels, Powder Metal (PM HSS); coated under request
AccuracyUp to DIN class 3
BoresSame as cutting tools; for specific tooling, please ask