Gear shaving cutters

The quality of the serration’s internal surface is critical to enhance the chip flow, which determines the life of the cutting edges and the finishing quality of the shaved surfaces.

TSA has designed a production system of excellence, integrating the most accurate and efficient manufacturing processes in the production of shaving cutters.

  • Use of specially formulated steels
  • Cutting of serrations using its own designed CNC machines
  • Vacuum heat treatment which prevents the accumulation of salts on the inner side of the teeth, maintaining the quality of the finished surface along tool life
  • A second treatment (nitriding) is applied to increase the surface hardness, improving the performance of the tool
Applications and components Large series (powertrain, industrial gearboxes, gear pumps, etc.); soft stage finishing of external spur/helical cylindrical gears
Modules (DP) Normal module from 1 to 12 (Diametral Pitch from DP24 to DP2)
Profiles Standard involute, involute modifications, lead modification (crowning) or both
Shaving methods Parallel (conventional), diagonal, plunge (radial) and underpass
Serrations Spur/differential/tilted; manufacturing system is a confidential TSA knowledge
Tool size Max. width 70mm, max. external diameter 350mm
Materials High Speed Steel (HSS M2), Powder Metal (PM HSS)
Finishing options Semi-finished, standard involute finish-ground, finished with modifications
Bores 63.50 and 100mm