Skiving Tools

“Skiving” is a well known process developed many years ago, that has now become more realistic with the optimization of new rigid and precise CNC machines that can synchronize the movements with high accuracy.

Skiving is a very fast process to generate gear teeth and combines principles of turning, shaping and shaving.

  • Skiving can generate either internal or external gears, spur or helical and it`s not necessary to undercut or groove for chip exit as in the shaping process.
  • The tool has a cross axis angle between helix angle of the part and helix angle of the tool, as in shaving cutters. This principle helps obtain a very low surface roughness with a high quality finish up to DIN 5 class.
  • The advantage of “skiving” is that it is performed in a multi-task CNC machine,
  • other processes besides skiving can be done in an automatic sequence and the part can be started and finished in only one operation reducing cycle time and costs dramatically.

Fhusa-TSA has more than 44 years of experience designing and manufacturing shaper cutters and shaving cutters, and this experience was useful to develop high quality “Skiving” tools.