Skiving Tools

Gear skiving theory was developed many years ago. Presently, it has become more realistic with the optimization of new rigid and precise CNC machines that can synchronize the movements with high accuracy.

Do not confuse power skiving and gear shaping (same tool geometry) or hard hobbing (also called skiving). Power skiving is a very fast process to generate gear teeth and combines principles of turning, hobbing, shaping and shaving. There is a cross axis angle between helix angle of the part and helix angle of the tool, as in shaving cutters. This principle helps obtain a very low surface roughness with a high quality finish up to DIN 5 class.

Applications and components Cylindrical spur/helical gear cutting of toothed transmissions; internal/external gear/spline cutting; large series manufacturing in multitask machines
Modules (DP) Normal module from 0.4 to 8 (Diametral Pitch from DP64 to DP3.125)
Obtainable profiles Involute, straight flank and other special splines; chain wheel, timing belt pulley and other toothed transmissions; splines with missing and/or full teeth; other toothed profiles
Profile modifications Semitopping, topping, full radio, protuberance; involute modifications (tip rilief, crowing, K profile, etc.); *see table for hob cutters
Geometries Disc, hub and shank type solid cutters; taper/cylindrical (rilief by tool/machine axis)
Materials Powder Metal High Speed Steels (PM HSS)
Coatings All common PVD coatings: Alcrona ® and Altensa ®
Clamping Bores and shanks like shaper cutters; for specific tooling, please ask

Fhusa-TSA has more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing shaper cutters and shaving cutters, and this experience was useful to develop high quality power skiving tools. Performing gear cutting in a multi-task CNC machine, in an automatic sequence together with other operations, is not the only advantage of power skiving.

Cycle time Up to 6 times faster than shaping
Gear quality 1 class better than shaping (DIN class 5 to 7)
Surface roughness Lower than hobbing, similar to shaving
Lead modification Via machine axis (not possible by broaching)
Undercut groove Not necessary (always necessary for shaping)

After-sales service for Power Skiving

Sharpening and coating of power skiving tools are key factors. TSA developed a special treatment of the cutting edge. FHUSA-TSA works with specific partners in Europe, USA and China to ensure our customers the excellent performance of its gear cutting tools throughout all its life.