Form Milling Cutters

Form milling cutters are manufactured with the same technology as the gear hobs, but they are not used in hobbing machines. They have no lead angle and no starts, and they do not work by profile generation. They are mounted on milling machines up to multi-task machining centres. They exactly copy tool profile on the part.

Within the wide world of milling tools, FHUSA-TSA is a specialist in those applications related to the field of transmission elements.

Applications and components Rack and worm manufacturing; indexed (even internal) cutting of cylindrical gears, splines, chain sprockets and other toothed transmissions; saw bands; form milling in general
Modules (DP) Modules and Diametral Pitch equivalent to normal pitch from 1mm to 150mm
Obtainable profiles DIN 3972, ISO 8667 and similar racks; DIN 3975 ZK and ZI worms; involute (specific Z) and any spline, serration, toothed pattern or slot obtainable by form tool (with relief angle)
Profile modifications Semitopping, topping, full radio, lugs; any profile defined by points (with rilief angle); asymmetric profiles; *see table for hob cutters
Milling cutter geometries Symmetric/asymmetric disc cutters; solid monoblock (multirow) and discs set (double keyway) rack cutters; cylindrical/taper cutters; max. external diameter 450mm
Gashes/Flutes and sharpening Normal, multigash and heavy-duty (doublegash); straight (single disc and discs set) and helical  (monoblock) sharpening; rake angle; normal/yuxtapposed alternate teeth
Materials High Speed Steel (HSS M35), Powder Metal (PM HSS), solid carbide
Coatings All common PVD coatings: TiN, Alcrona ® and Altensa ®
Clamping Same as hob cutters; for specific milling machine tooling, please ask